Wednesday, December 07, 2005

21 years in Freddy Mercury's shadow

It was my 21st birthday last Saturday.
Just another year that I have not yet achieved my life goal of making it into the social pages in the Sun-Herald. I like to think that all is not lost though, I have made progress.

Alot has happened this year though, I would be lying if I pretended that it was a vacuous space of nothingness. I finished uni, got a radio show, learnt how to drive a forklift, picked up the phrase 'whatever, get over it', stopped saying the 'c word' so much...I'm not sure about my social skills, I have either become more awkward - or maybe have stayed the same but have begun to realise that I should make the decision to either shut or open my mouth and go with it. Halfway town is frequently the wrong place to be.

My last birthday was spent in the hallway at a disgusting hostel in Canada, this one was at home... Props and love to the few consistencies!
- Brad
- Annika
- Booze
- Peter Stuyvesant

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my life for the first 21 years. I couldn't have done it without you all. Notable mentions to PUBES who is still swanning around in Ireland with his best mate Tim Rogers - I will see you soon Pubie... Also I hear Beaver got a ton! That's good isn't it Pubes? Ps. Cheers for the perfect present, a fiver in a card.

In regard to Saturday night:
Also rans go to Brad, Sam, Adam and Will (not Spencer and Anderson) for insisting that we keep drinking until 7:40am at Vegas in Kings Cross... It was just like old times, except we used to have souls... Also to Ng, Emma, Nick and Andy, soul-less freaks indeed.

Last but certainly not least, Annika, for contending with me and Brad, the two most inadequate tour guides ever. People from Sydney should know more about their own city than people from Perth. Also for my present, which is the coolest thing I've ever got.

So cheers, I'm off to go find my own style... or I might just copy the Strokes, cos noone else has done that yet.

Anyway, please comment. (there's a shit load to comment on here, trust me... If you don't think this post was funny, go back and read it again.)


James Ross-Edwards said...

i made some structural changes here... now anyone can comment!

matt said...

hey thanks for playing my stuff.

there should be more in your library. and more on its way!

matt - from no through road

ng. said...

yo homie....
highlight for ng: getting zinged by emma about shoes and toys. a voice in my head still is saying....ohhhh SNAP!

but a few things.
1) still feel bad about leaving annika to use amazing sydney public transport
2) when are you getting some shit off got mother fucken infra-reds yo...get at me

thanks for rockin out on sunday...shit was lose in the end sorry about the arms.